Our Coaches

Shawna Wilson

Head Coach - Full Marathon

I have loved Running for years but in 2017 I grew even more passionate about running. I joined USA Lubbock Fit for their summer session and met the most amazing runners. At that time I had a goal of running my 1st ½ Marathon. I had ran lots of 5K’s and 10K’s but had the goal and dream of running a ½ marathon. I met with the runners weekly and we followed the plan before us. With all the excitement of each Lubbock Fit runner and all the training runs and races we ran together I completed my 1st ½ Marathon in Vegas in November 2017. But my story does not end there. I continued to train with the Marathon runners and I went on to San Antonio and ran my 1st Full Marathon. USA Lubbock Fit is for everyone. We encourage each runner/walker to come see what the excitement is about. Your goal may not be a race your goal may be to be healthier we can help you. Your goal may be to get healthy and meet new friends.